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Electronic repeller

Electronic repeller

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1, using the principle of boosting, electric shock, rodent control, non-toxic, safe and harmless
2, can easily clean the squirrel cage structure design
3, with a safety switch to avoid accidental electric shock
4, using high-tech microelectronic circuits, power saving and reliable

Uses: Suitable for kitchens, restaurants, bedrooms, offices, hotels, etc.

Third, the use of:


1. Put a little peanut oil or other food that the mouse loves to put into the bottom of the metal plate.


2. Insert 4 batteries into the battery compartment correctly.


3. Identify the location based on the activity of the mouse—find the footprints and traces left by the mouse (the mouse likes to walk against the wall). Place the machine against the wall on the floor, and the entrance is placed on the same line as the mouse's footprint.


4. Press the switch to the position of “ON” (I). The machine will beep and the green light will flash once, indicating that the unit has started to work and enters the standby state.




Fourth, the use of precautions:


1. When the mouse enters the squirrel cage and triggers two hardware pieces inside, the high voltage of the machine is immediately generated, the red light flashes for 2 minutes, the high voltage stops, the green light changes to 5 seconds, and the flashing light can no longer trigger the high voltage until it is restarted. Turn the power on after turning off the power.


2. After each mouse, you must first switch the switch to the "ON" (O) position, and remove the high pressure box to clean it. After drying, put it on and use it again. (Use detergent to clean the odor left by the mouse, otherwise It is possible that the mouse will not come in again)


3. There are three pieces of hardware in the high-voltage box of the rodent control machine. Inside the two pieces of hardware, when the mouse touches the body, the high voltage is generated. At the same time, the outermost piece of metal will automatically have a high voltage during the electric shock. Please do not touch during the high voltage generation. Hardware to prevent electric shock


4. When the red light is turned on or after playing the mouse, it will flash once every 2 seconds, indicating that the battery must be replaced, so as not to affect the function of killing the mouse. When changing the battery, please turn off the switch.


5. When not in use for a long time, please turn off the voltage switch and remove the battery to avoid leakage damage to the unit.

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