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Long Distance MP3 Digital Voice Recorder

Long Distance MP3 Digital Voice Recorder

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Product information:

Built-in lithium battery (270MA)
Memory capacity support: 4G / 8G / 16G / 32G
Capacity (memory card) recording time: maximum 4G recording 72 hours, maximum recording 8G 144 hours, maximum recording 16G 288 hours, maximum recording 32G 576 hours
Recording time of fully charged battery: about 10 hours
Recording format: MP3 format
Recording sampling bit rate: 128Kbps
Recording current (approx): bright screen: approx 33mA: off screen: approx 26mA
Running / standby current (approx.): Bright backlight: 33 mA; Backlight off: 26 mA shutdown current: 27 microamperes
Maximum actual output: (L) 10mW + (R) 10mW (32Ohm)
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
External input: 3.5mm headphone jack, USB
Built-in microphone: non-directional condenser microphone
S / N (noise ratio): ≥ 70dB
Food; Rated voltage: .3.7V-4.2V
USB input rated voltage / power: 5V300MAH - 5V500MAH
Distortion: 0.05%
Machine accessories: clear book, data cable, earphone;
Battery life (each full charge) playback recording: about 10 hours of external sound (about 30ma depending on sound volume); Headphones: about 30 hours (9ma)
Playing music: about 5 hours of external sound (depending on the size of the song); Headphones: about 20 hours (13ma)
Screen size: 28 * 25 broken code screen
Machine Size: 88mm * 33mm * 12.5mm
Support system windows 98/2000 / XP, etc.

Production of used ABS raw materials and production of appearance matte process
Built-in high-end professional recording audio processing program.
Professional recording in MP3 format, one touch recording.
Large capacity memory, allowing you to record easily.
Condenser microphone recording, reproduces the original recording.
Intelligent noise reduction, which can effectively filter the noise part of the sound source.
Large capacity polymer battery to meet your recording time needs.
Using high-definition broken code screen display, easy to operate at night, clearly visible.

Support playing MP3 WAV audio files of multiple formats.
The recording function is automatically turned off and saved under low power, so that the files will not be lost. U disk function without lDrive, universal USB2.0 interface, high speed data transmission.
Intelligent voice-activated recording, effectively saving storage space and reducing junk blank files.
● Support recording function, convenient and practical
● One button has a function, easy to operate

Packing list: Recording pen*1

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