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Diamond Ballpoint Pen

Diamond Ballpoint Pen

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Product Information
Shell material: metal
Specification: Ballpoint Pen
Type: Rotating
Style: Diamond Pen
Ink properties: oily
Ink grade: normal

Size Information
Net weight: 22G
Refill color: 1 rose gold, 2 gold-plated, 3 silver-plated, 4 white, 5 light pink, 6 pink, 7 rose red, 8 light purple, 9 red, 10 wine red, 11 gradient blue, 12 light blue, 13 transparent Blue, 14 green, 15 silver, 16 local gold, 17 black, 18 rose gold claw silver, 19 rose gold claw black, 22 white black dots, 23 light purple white dots, 24 red and white dots, 25 black white dots, 26 plating Rose gold white dots, 27 rose gold claws white rose gold dots, 28 rose gold claws white rose red dots, 29 rose gold claws black rose gold dots, 30 rose gold claws transparent red and white dots, 31 silver claws transparent blue and white dots
Big drill pen: 1.0

Packing List
Ballpoint pen*1

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