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Portable Oil Bottle with Brush Silicone

Portable Oil Bottle with Brush Silicone

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1. The oil brush can withstand a high temperature of 220°C, and the barbecue brush will not melt or shrink.
2. The oil return groove is designed with an oil return hole to prevent oil overflow, automatic return, and fuel-saving and fuel saving.
3. Transparent dust-proof cover design, multi-layer protection, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and mosquito-proof.
4. Easy to the use-the visible bottle makes it easy for you to understand the amount of liquid remaining in the bottle and the amount needed to pour accurately. The silicone brush is attached to the lid to help you evenly spread the olive oil on the baking sheet.
5. Barbecue brush can be used in the kitchen to cook, bake, brush butter, melted oil, mustard sauce, and seasoning when grilling.
6. Easy to carry-oil bottle and brush set is very portable, only 143X63mm, easy to carry, very suitable for kitchen cooking, outdoor barbecue, hotel service

Brush material: silicone
Brush handle material: silicone
Color: pink, blue

Package Content:
1x Oil bottle

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