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Rabbit Key Bluetooth Alarm Loss Preventer

Rabbit Key Bluetooth Alarm Loss Preventer

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Product description:
This anti loss device is a product based on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low-power technology. Through the use of APP software and mobile devices such as mobile phones for Bluetooth connection, users can bundle items and valuables (such as keys, handbags, etc.) that are easy to lose together to realize the anti loss reminder of items, two-way search, remote control photography, recording and other functions (such as party photos, self portraits, etc.).
The effective use distance of this anti loss device can reach 25 meters in the open range. The button battery CR2032 and the convenience stores of major supermarkets can be easily purchased. The brand original battery can work for more than half a year.
IPhone: iPhone 11 and above can be used.
Android phones: Android 8.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

Product specification:
Full set in bag: host+battery+manual+PE bag
Interface: Bluetooth 4.0
Applicable objects: people, animals, bags, valuables, mobile phones, etc
Additional functions: two-way loss prevention, two-way search, location of lost address
Material: ABS

Packing list:

Host+battery+manual+PE bag*1

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